Beer in bulk in Monoprix

A new secure device offering bulk brewed beers is now available in the Monoprix Montparnasse,  Paris, the only store to offer such « facility ». 

The two brewers Gallia and Heineken (who has acquired a share in Gallia’s capital in 2019) have launched in the Monoprix Montparnasse in Paris the first device to buy beer in bulk. 

Although bulk has become more and more popular in recent years, this is the first time that draught beer has been offered in a such format in supermarkets, with this level of quality and in reusable containers. Meanwhile the device is intended to be easy to use and to offer an « intuitive » experience to the consumer. 

This cold beer should be drunk at home within 5 days. Empty growlers, which are refundable and reusable, are brought back to the shop and placed in a receptacle provided for this purpose. The customer then recovers the amount of the refundable container in the form of a €1.50 credit note.

Today, three flavors of craft beers from the Gallia brewery are available:
  • Pils de Pantin, €6,05 (93cl)
  • Session IPA, €6,51 (93cl)
  • Framboise de Proust, €7,44 (93cl)

The next step is to extend this offer to around thirty stores within 6 months with new items, especially those of the Heineken group. 

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