Seniors leave hypermarkets behind to buy online

E-commerce boomed in the first half of 2020. This network is becoming more popular since around 40% of French households have at least buy once on non-specialized websites (mainly click & drive sites). This is now a purchase that is becoming an integral part of shoppers' daily lives.
Indeed, the lockdown has encouraged online shopping, resulting in 2.8 million new customers. And, it was not young people who bought more online, but people over 50. In fact, the penetration rate of the 50-year-olds on non-specialized e-commerce sites was 25% in February and 35% in September. The penetration rate of people in their sixties rose from 18% to 27% and that of people in their seventies from 13% to 17%.
In addition, out of 100 households in their seventies which have been seduced by online shopping, 48% returned within 16 weeks after the lockdown.
And this has a direct impact on hypermarkets. Indeed, the fact that hypermarkets lost customers came first of all from the over 60+, who visited less and consequently spent less.

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