Carrefour launches Innit, the personalised nutritional score

Carrefour has teamed up with Innit startup to provide its customers, on, with a personalized nutritional score for more than 40,000 items available for sale on its website. A new stage to support its customers in the food transition.
Following the deployment last July of a first generic version, the company is now taking a new step forward with this personalized version.
How it works? The user fills in a questionnaire, as part of a voluntary and secure process in the client space. This gives then access to individualized information on the products, based on gender and age data, eating habits (vegetarian, vegan, etc.) and nutritional objectives, whether they relate to foods to be preferred (organic, protein and fibre intake, etc.) or avoided (gluten, nuts, milk, shellfish, etc.).
Simply displayed on the product page, the personalized Innit score, which takes the form of a synthetic rating of the product out of 100 or of a "to be avoided" mention, makes it possible to evaluate at a glance the overall nutritional quality of a product with regard to each individual's characteristics and expectations.

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