How much does Amazon weigh in France?

According to Kantar, the market for physical goods purchased online in 2019 was worth 40.377 billion euros (Total physical, plus dematerialized products excluding subscriptions, plus food retailers’ sites). This represents an evolution of +5.9% in 2019 compared to 2018.
Amazon consolidates its No. 1 position with:
- Amazon accounts for 22% of online spending in France (+2.2 pts).
- 45% of individuals in France buy on Amazon at least once a year (22.2 million people aged 18 years and older).
- The rate of orders reaches almost 10 per year with 1.5 article per order (average value per article of 23.2€).
- In total Kantar estimates Amazon's sales volume at 333 million items purchased for €7.73 billion (+17%).
- Out of €100 spent on Amazon in France, 52% is spent on products purchased in marketplace (vs. 49% in 2018 and 43% in 2017).

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