New concept for Carrefour Market: Fruit and vegetables and kitchen areas

In Montreuil, east of Paris, Carrefour has been rolling out part of its new “Market” concept, called Kiss, since the end of September.
The retailer brand has been focusing on two main universes:  a kitchen area with a strong focus on take-away sales, snacking and on-site preparation, and a permanent area dedicated to greenhouse-style fruit and vegetables.
Intended to raise the quality level of fruit and vegetables, the “greenhouse" makes all the difference. The daily deliveries and a slightly reduced assortment (except for organic) should enable the retailer to attract new customers by offering irreproachable products. Next to the greenhouse, an imposing “organic zone” with 1300 products and an astonishing organic spread machine, which manufactures it on demand.
The snacking corner offers sandwiches and on-site prepared meals which can be eaten when leaving the shop in a dedicated area called "la table".
With all these improvements together with strong promotions and a better organisation of the checkout circuit, Carrefour has reported a 20% increase in sales since the end of September, a figure that could potentially be higher, given the desertion of offices due to teleworking. 

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