Excellent year for specialty beer brands

While many liquid categories have performed disappointingly this year, specialty beers continue to perform well, with 2.3 billion liters sold over one year (all networks included) and a double-digit growth year after year. Indeed, according to Nielsen, the segment has recorded a growth of +10.8% in mass retailing over the last 12 months; this is twice as good as the beer department as a whole.
In this context, the brands have recorded an excellent growth and showed record sales in volume. Desperados, the flavored beer of the Heineken group sold 13 million extra liters in one year, which widened the gap with Grimbergen, the abbey brew of the Kronenbourg group. At the same time, Leffe, the category leader, grew by almost 8 million liters in supermarkets and hypermarkets between June 2019 and June 2020.

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