The real weight of organic in drinks

In recent years, the word "organic" has become very popular. But what is the real weight of AB (organic agriculture) products in each liquid category?
With a market share of 29.2% in the organic market over the last 12 months, citrus concentrates, such as Pulco, are the category of drinks where the AB logo achieves the most turnover. Not far behind are vegetable juices, with 26.5% of the turnover generated by organic products. Finally, on the third step of the podium, fruit juices obviously have a good part of their sales made by organic recipes, i.e. 15,4 %. That is a total amount of 111 million euros over a year ending on November 1st, 2020.
Also noteworthy is the ecological fibre of the cider sector: 10.9% of the segment's turnover can be attributed to organic versions. This is not so surprising since cider apples are a crop that actually requires very few inputs. Certification is therefore popular with apple growers.
Behind it, the percentages decrease drastically. Organic does not break the 5% market share barrier in any other beverage segment. However, it is necessary to underline the impressive progress of spirits such as gin or gentian, which started from very low levels, as well as beer which has seen its organic turnover jump by + 47% over one year. This is undoubtedly only the beginning for all these categories whose organic product offer has grown rapidly in recent months.

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