Organic continues to appeal

According to the Nielsen panelist, 97.1% of French households now buy organic produce at least once a year (12-month data at P11 2020). That's one point more than last year and three more than in 2018. But above all it is a feat when you are approaching 100%.
More organic buyers have also boosted their average annual expenditure by 10%, now exceeding €170. They have achieved this by bringing their transactions closer together, with an average of 27 checkouts in 2020, compared to 23 two years ago. They have also "frequented" a greater number of product categories, 15 on average this year, compared with 11 in 2018.
Taking all channels together, organic products are responsible for nearly 13% of the year-on-year growth in value, but there has been a breathlessness since the end of the first lockdown. In the last period, P11, organic products are responsible for only 6.6% of the growth in value of the PGC-FLS.
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