E. Leclerc eliminates all plastic bags at the checkout.

On 21 September 2020, plastic bags disappeared permanently from the E.Leclerc centres' cash desks. They are replaced by reusable, recyclable burlap bags that can be exchanged for life when they are no longer in use. This is in line with the company's fight against the proliferation of plastic since 1996, when it was the first to eliminate single-use plastic bags at the checkout, 20 years before the law required it, replacing them at the time with reusable and recyclable bags.
E.Leclerc customers will therefore only find jute bags with organic cotton handles at the checkout for 1.50€. E.Leclerc is the first major retailer to make this decision for all of its 721 shops, and its impact is particularly significant: 7,000 tons of plastic will be eliminated each year.

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