Wine market: what to expect for 2021?

Wine Intelligence, the global leader in wine consumer research and insights, reveals its forecasts on wine market trends in 2021. The organization depicts the likely evolution of consumption habits initiated in 2020.
In 2021, consumers could consume less wine but buy it more expensive and choose to use their budget more qualitatively. But this price increase will also certainly come from the foreseeable increase in taxes on alcohol.
If 2020 proved to be the year of the Bag-in-box®, a packaging that responds to concerns about purchasing power and consumption at home, the year was also favorable for wine in cans. Indeed, in a context of uncertainty about convivial moments, this format has the advantage of being easily transportable, of reduced quantities and of facilitating conservation. According to Wine Intelligence, new products in this vein, which are more functional and offer better quality in particular, should arrive on the market in 2021.
Online retail sales of wine should also continue. Improved and consolidated, the online offer should, in 2021, meet the consumer's demand for immediacy. The traditional model currently in force should soon be overtaken by operators capable of executing orders instantly.
Finally, we've been talking about it all the time these last few months, hard-seltzers, these alcoholic carbonated waters flooding the world market. As recently as December 16th, Coca-Cola announced the launch of its hard-seltzer in France. In the USA, these drinks have experienced triple-digit growth in the last two years and are expected to triple within three years according to the IWSR (International Wine and Spirit Research). Wine Intelligence is therefore betting on the fact that wine producers will follow the waters to propose an offer and surf on this wave in 2021.

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