Intermarché tests a new digital bulk section

Intermarché is multiplying bulk tests with major brands. A new connected system appeared a fortnight ago, with 48 codes signed Barilla, Daco Bello and Juste Bio. Tested at the Alfortville shop (94), this solution is from the Czech manufacturer Miwa. It integrates returnable containers, equipped with an RFID chip that must be paged in front of the hopper before being used. This technology ... Read more >>>

Strong growth for FMCGs in January, thanks to food products

According to the figures for the first period of the year 2021 (january 4thto January 31st) published by Nielsen, turnover for FMCGs in large and medium-sized food retailers accelerated its growth over the period by +6.9%, and that is thanks to the food sector (+8.3%). All departments progressed during the first half of 2021: Frozen foods continued to show the strongest growth with +14.3% in value, ... Read more >>>

Market share: independents start a very good year 2021

Food spending by the French in FMCGs rose by 8.8% between 28 December 2020 and 24 January 2021, marked in particular by the curfew which boosted the online circuit by 2.2 points to 9%. A very favourable context in which groups of independents continue to gain ground, with Leclerc in the lead, closely followed by Intermarché. Against this context, high-performing internet brands are showing ... Read more >>>

Ferrero launches new ice cream

Three years after the launch of Kinder Ice Cream, Ferrero is back on the market with 3 products: Rocher Dark, Rocher Classic and Raffaello. The popsicle recipes are made with chocolate and hazelnut and chocolate (Rocher Classic and Dark) and with coconut and almond (Raffaello). By targeting adults this time, the Italian group is hoping to be among the leaders of the ice cream market. The ice cream ... Read more >>>

The endless success of rum in supermarkets and hypermarkets

In an extraordinary context, cane brandy will once again have been the big winner in the spirits department in 2020. - The gain of white rums over 12 months is 1.2 million liters. The largest segment of the category, with more than 18 million liters sold in hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores, has certainly benefited from consumers' enthusiasm for home-made cocktails. Despite a ... Read more >>>

Auchan goes plastic free

In partnership with the packaging specialists Alliance Packaging Group and Silver plastics, Auchan retail has developed vegetable fibre trays that are 100% compostable at home. Auchan claims exclusivity and specifies that "55 million classic trays will eventually disappear, representing 1,100 tonnes of plastic per year". These new trays, without glue, are made of materials from agricultural by-products, ... Read more >>>

FMCG sales continue to surge

Not surprisingly, the health situation continues to have a direct impact on sales in supermarkets and hypermarkets. Fearing further lockdown, the French have in fact made a few storage purchases, notes IRI Le Scan de l'Info. Sales jumped by 8.8% between 25 and 31 January, confirming the strong growth recorded since the beginning of the year 2021. On the channel side, shop traffic is still down ... Read more >>>

Costco France is set to open a second store

More than four years after the launch of the Villebon-sur-Yvette shop in June 2017, Costco will open its second club-warehouse. The second shop of the American distributor will be located in Pontault-Combault (77), in replacement of a 7000 m² Leclerc hypermarket which closed its doors at the end of 2020. This second shop will look very much like the first one, but there will be far more french ... Read more >>>

Bulk experimentation by major brands

It is in Dole, in the Jura, that Intermarché is experimenting with a new bulk concept. Indeed, the major brands, who have seen the bulk market develop without them for several years, are now looking to participate in this dynamic. The test in place: a compact module of six silos, installed within the pasta department, offers Panzani, Taureau Ailé and Ferrero (semolina) products. Dole's ... Read more >>>

Bio Bon Gourmand goes digital

The French independent retailer, specialized in organic products, BBG (Bio Bon Gourmand) has just launched its e-commerce site. The new website offers 3200 references (drinks, butcher's shop, food supplements, sweet and savoury groceries, fruit and vegetables, hygiene/beauty...) and more than sixty dry bulk references as well as the possibility of buying cheese by the cut. For any order, BBG offers ... Read more >>>

Key figures of a record year

Here are the most striking results from the liquids section (excluding wines) in supermarkets in a year 2020 that will surely go down in the annals.  9,5 % This is the market share of e-commerce in 2020 for liquids (excluding wines). It was only 7.1% in 2019. The extraordinary year experienced by the mass retail sector had a lot to do with this. With a crazy growth of + 35.6%, the circuit has ... Read more >>>

Cacao Noisettes : Nestlé’s new chocolate spread

Calling all chocolate lovers ! The international chocolate brand Nestle has launched a new chocolate spread through their brand Nestlé Dessert, named Cacao Noisettes this January. Without palm oil, this innovation is a real premium alternative on the spread market. For several years now, Nestlé has been committed to sourcing its cocoa in a sustainable way. Cacao Noisettes’packaging ... Read more >>>

2021 gets off to a flying start for FMCGs

The weeks follow one another at a frantic pace of growth for FMCGs. According to IRI's News Scan, FMCG recorded growth of 11.1% for the week of 4 to 10 January 2021. This follows a 7.6% increase in week 53 of 2020 and an 8% increase in week 52.   All channels are concerned by this strong growth, with e-commerce in food superstores leading the way at +44.4%, supermarkets at +10.7%, proxies ... Read more >>>

The bulk specialist, Day by Day, opens its first larger store

In addition to its 68 convenience shops in city centers and shop-in-shop concept, the Day by Day chain, first network for products in bulk, has opened a 300m2 store in mid-december in Rennes. This larger store offers a variety of grocery products, such as fruits and vegetables in bulk, and meat and dairy products in the form of a traditional stand. Just like its city center stores and shop-in-shop ... Read more >>>

The end of the year weight for beverages in 5 figures

- 9,5: In billions of euros, this is the turnover achieved in food retailing in the month of December and during the Christmas holidays in 2019. This year, this result is likely to be impacted since the season started later and will most certainly be disrupted by government restrictions for the holidays. - December accounts for 22% of annual champagne sales. It is the third category for which ... Read more >>>

The drive took advantage of the Covid-19

The drive market in 2020 is doing very well. Indeed, 2020 will have represented between three and four years of normal growth in normal times. According to the latest estimates, the direction of turnover is €9.5 billion, up 40% over one year. In 2019, the drive was at €6.8 billion in sales, compared with €6.4 billion in 2018. It was then that Covid-19 was the best ambassador of the ... Read more >>>

Biofach 2021 in digital form

The organisers of the world's largest trade fair for organic food, which is held annually in Nuremberg, Germany, have decided to switch to a digital format because of the pandemic and its uncertain development. The Biofach 2021 eSpecial will offer a full range of innovative options such as company and product presentations, discussion and dialogue formats such as roundtables, and other formats ... Read more >>>

Wine market: what to expect for 2021?

Wine Intelligence, the global leader in wine consumer research and insights, reveals its forecasts on wine market trends in 2021. The organization depicts the likely evolution of consumption habits initiated in 2020. In 2021, consumers could consume less wine but buy it more expensive and choose to use their budget more qualitatively. But this price increase will also certainly come from the ... Read more >>>

E. Leclerc eliminates all plastic bags at the checkout.

On 21 September 2020, plastic bags disappeared permanently from the E.Leclerc centres' cash desks. They are replaced by reusable, recyclable burlap bags that can be exchanged for life when they are no longer in use. This is in line with the company's fight against the proliferation of plastic since 1996, when it was the first to eliminate single-use plastic bags at the checkout, 20 years before the ... Read more >>>

5 figures to bear in mind on the second lockdown

During the second containment period, sales of FMCG recorded strong weekly growth of around +5% to +6%. However, these performances are not comparable with those of the spring lockdown. This new episode was different in many aspects.  - 50% fewer ruptures than in the first containment. The situation in the points of sale was never really critical at the end of October and beginning of November. ... Read more >>>

3 new brands are committed

After Vittel and S.Pellegrino, three new brands from the Nestlé group, Nesquik, Ricoré and Chocapic, are embarking on the Loop initiative with Carrefour to offer reusable packaging, in the form of a deposit, available online on Carrefour's e-commerce platform and in 10 shops by the end of the year. Products of these three brands are now available in stainless steel containers. Once ... Read more >>>

The alcohol shelves are dynamic!

While the Prime Minister has just announced the rules for the end of the year, the PGC-FLS mass-market results for the first week of December arrived.In the run-up to the festivities, consumers turned to alcoholic beverages.  - With growth of +3.1% for the week from 30 November to 6 December, all PGC-FLS shelves increased by +5.8%; the strongest growth was in liquids, largely driven by alcoholic ... Read more >>>

Organic continues to appeal

According to the Nielsen panelist, 97.1% of French households now buy organic produce at least once a year (12-month data at P11 2020). That's one point more than last year and three more than in 2018. But above all it is a feat when you are approaching 100%. More organic buyers have also boosted their average annual expenditure by 10%, now exceeding €170. They have achieved this by bringing ... Read more >>>

Cans, always in the trends

Today, 8 out of 10 French people consume drinks in cans. This is almost 10 points more than 3 years ago (71%). On a strong trend, this format has seen its sales in value increase by +4.5% in supermarkets over the first nine months of the year compared with last year. By the end of the year, nearly 5 billion cans will be sold in France. The potential remains important because the market could ... Read more >>>

Lockdown boosts food e-commerce further

The spring scenario is being repeated for this second lockdown. In the first two weeks, e-commerce was already approaching 9% market share and reaching record levels. +79%, this is the increase in e-commerce sales for food on FMCG-FLS for the weeks from 26 October to 8 November 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. This channel now weighs in at €223m. The last week of October, just before ... Read more >>>

Transfer of Leader Price to Aldi

The transfer of the Leader Price park can begin. Fifteen days after obtaining the approval of the French Competition Authority, Casino has finalized the sale to Aldi France of 545 Leader Price shops, 2 Casino supermarkets and 3 warehouses. During the transition period, day-to-day operations will continue to be managed by the Casino group until the gradual transition of shops under the Aldi banner ... Read more >>>

The real weight of organic in drinks

In recent years, the word "organic" has become very popular. But what is the real weight of AB (organic agriculture) products in each liquid category? With a market share of 29.2% in the organic market over the last 12 months, citrus concentrates, such as Pulco, are the category of drinks where the AB logo achieves the most turnover. Not far behind are vegetable juices, with 26.5% of the turnover ... Read more >>>

Lidl partnered with Cristaline to recycle plastic bottles

After Auchan, Lidl joins forces with Cristaline to encourage the recycling of plastic bottles. A first shop in Arras has just installed an Ecobox at the entrance to its shop, and others should follow in the north of France. This experimental system, supervised by Citéo, is being developed by a French company. The machines make it possible to crush plastic bottles instantaneously. The "flakes" ... Read more >>>

Excellent year for specialty beer brands

While many liquid categories have performed disappointingly this year, specialty beers continue to perform well, with 2.3 billion liters sold over one year (all networks included) and a double-digit growth year after year. Indeed, according to Nielsen, the segment has recorded a growth of +10.8% in mass retailing over the last 12 months; this is twice as good as the beer department as a whole. In ... Read more >>>

New concept for Carrefour Market: Fruit and vegetables and kitchen areas

In Montreuil, east of Paris, Carrefour has been rolling out part of its new “Market” concept, called Kiss, since the end of September. The retailer brand has been focusing on two main universes:  a kitchen area with a strong focus on take-away sales, snacking and on-site preparation, and a permanent area dedicated to greenhouse-style fruit and vegetables. Intended to raise ... Read more >>>

How much does Amazon weigh in France?

According to Kantar, the market for physical goods purchased online in 2019 was worth 40.377 billion euros (Total physical, plus dematerialized products excluding subscriptions, plus food retailers’ sites). This represents an evolution of +5.9% in 2019 compared to 2018. Amazon consolidates its No. 1 position with: - Amazon accounts for 22% of online spending in France (+2.2 pts).- ... Read more >>>

Carrefour acquires Bio c'Bon

After weeks of suspense, the Commercial Court of Paris has chosen Carrefour to take over the organic food retailer Bio c’Bon. Carrefour puts 60 million euros on the table, excluding future investments. This envelope concerns all creditors and the repurchase of stocks. Alexandre Bompard, CEO of Carrefour published on Twitter a letter to welcome Bio c’Bon employees indicating that the ... Read more >>>

73% of consumers have changed their diet

If the covid-19 crisis has been an accelerator of this trend, 73% of consumers have already changed their eating behavior in the last 2 years, reveals the SIAL Insights trend book. Thus, 63% of the people surveyed believe that choosing what they eat is a societal commitment and, 1 consumer out of 3 has really taken power by adopting at least one major change or by boycotting brands or products. Their ... Read more >>>

Carrefour launches Innit, the personalised nutritional score

Carrefour has teamed up with Innit startup to provide its customers, on, with a personalized nutritional score for more than 40,000 items available for sale on its website. A new stage to support its customers in the food transition.Following the deployment last July of a first generic version, the company is now taking a new step forward with this personalized version. How it works? ... Read more >>>

Monoprix gets more organic

With 9.3% of its FMCG-chilled products turnover coming from organic products, Monoprix is once again this year the brand with the highest weight devoted to organic products. According to Nielsen data, this is four points above the average (5.1%). While Monoprix remains in the lead, the best growth is to be found in Auchan Super Carrefour Market, Casino supermarkets and Carrefour. This showing ... Read more >>>

The start of the new school year benefits to the independent retailers

According to Kantar, French independent retailers have increased their market share for FMCG-chilled products over the period going from 7 September to 4 October. Sytème U is the big winner with the strongest progression, +0.6 point to reach 11,1%, while Les Mousquetaires group including Intermarché and Netto has seen its market share increase by 0.4 point (15.8%). Usually top of the ... Read more >>>

The 2021 edition of the Sandwich & Snack Show will be held on 7 and 8 April

After having decided to cancel last September the 2020 edition of the Sandwich & Snack Show, but also the Parizza and Japan Food Shows, the organisers have announced to postpone the date of the 2021 edition by a few days due to the Covid-19 sanitary crisis. This 2021 edition should therefore be held in Paris Porte de Versailles from 7 to 8 April (instead of 31 March and 1 April as previously ... Read more >>>

Food retailers to combat food waste

In France the misinterpretation between the use by and the best before dates found on food products’ packaging is responsible for 20% of food waste from the consumers. In fact, more than one French consumer out of two does not make the distinction between the two mentions before throwing away.  The idea is therefore to create tools to better inform consumers about the difference between ... Read more >>>

Seniors leave hypermarkets behind to buy online

E-commerce boomed in the first half of 2020. This network is becoming more popular since around 40% of French households have at least buy once on non-specialized websites (mainly click & drive sites). This is now a purchase that is becoming an integral part of shoppers' daily lives. Indeed, the lockdown has encouraged online shopping, resulting in 2.8 million new customers. And, it was not ... Read more >>>

Discounters: organic segment’s increase but still catching up

In 2015, organic accounted for barely 1% of their food turnover (excluding wine) of hard-discounters. In 5 years, it tripled to reach 3% in September 2020.However this increase does not allow the network to still catchup with major food retailers, where organic products already take up 5.1% of the expenses.In one year, the weight of organic products in hard discounters has increased by 0,3 points, ... Read more >>>

French people seduced by breads from abroad

According to a study conducted by the Federation of the bakery-pastry industry, even if 6 out of 10 French do prefer the traditional baguette, they are now keener to explore other bread varieties.  A trend which goes with a decrease of bread consumption and a change in the times of consumption.While kebab and bagel breads are familiar to 7 out of 10 French people, ciabatta, pita and Swedish breads ... Read more >>>

The majority of french remain faithful to bulk despite Covid

Despite the sanitary crisis, nearly 9 out of 10 French people intend to buy in bulk again. Covid-19 and hygiene measures which have been put in place could have severely impacted this type of purchase, but it turns out that the lockdown had « only » a moderate impact on the segment: fewer than one out of two consumers has stopped buying bulk products during this period. And ... Read more >>>

The Free From Functional & Health Ingredients trade show is postponed

The Free From Functional & Health Ingredients which was planned to take place at the RAI Amsterdam from 24-25 November, will be postponed to 15-16 June 2021, following remaining travel restrictions due to COVID-19.Reflecting one of the food and drink industry’s most dynamic sectors, FFFHI will return in June to showcase pioneering developments across five distinct product categories including ... Read more >>>

Beer in bulk in Monoprix

A new secure device offering bulk brewed beers is now available in the Monoprix Montparnasse,  Paris, the only store to offer such « facility ». The two brewers Gallia and Heineken (who has acquired a share in Gallia’s capital in 2019) have launched in the Monoprix Montparnasse in Paris the first device to buy beer in bulk. Although bulk has become more and ... Read more >>>

The French convinced by home-delivery since the lockdown

According to a survey conducted by Nielsen, the proportion of French people using home-delivery applications has doubled during the lockdown period and has remained at a high level ever since. Pizza remains the leading product ahead of burgers and sushi.The Covid-19 pandemic, and the resulting lockdown, have accelerated a digital transition and fostered the growth of already widely emerging practices ... Read more >>>

The international food & hospitality trade show SIRHA is postponed

GL Events president Olivier Ginon announced that the international food and hospitality trade show, Sihra, which was to be held in January 2021, is postponed from May 29 to June 2, 2021.Held at the Eurexpo Lyon, Sihra, which will celebrate for the occasion its 20th anniversary, will explore and highlight contemporary food service through the wide offer of its exhibitors and event spaces: life-size ... Read more >>>

Intermarché Relais, the brand that mixes click & collect and proximity

A year ago, Intermarché had planned to open very small outlets in Paris to offer a hybrid solution between click&collect facilities and convenience store. The calendar is held, with the opening on September 4th of the first Intermarché Relais in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.  This 80 sq. m. store offers snacking products (sandwiches, orange juice machine, hot meals, drinks, ... Read more >>>

Organic, main driver for non-alcoholic drinks

Nielsen has unveiled the ranking of the 2019 innovations with the highest turnover a year after they were launched in hypermarkets and supermarkets. In line with the current consumer trends, organic products represent six of the top ten non-alcoholic drink innovations, with the major groups Coca-Cola, Nestlé Waters and Britvic France as the main market players. 1.     ... Read more >>>

The starch market dominated by pasta

With the starch market gaining in value over the last rolling year - which was not the case before the covid crisis - the brands are now multiplying their efforts to better satisfy consumers’ new demands.While people tend to eat healthy, the premium, organic, quick-cooking and gluten-free segments are the trends to follow.   In detail, the pasta market representing the most important ... Read more >>>

Cereals brands intensify their efforts to win new customers

The highly competitive cereals category has taken advantage of the crisis to recruit new customers. Brands are hoping to capitalize on this positive trend with reformulated products.At the beginning of the lockdown, consumers have changed their habits and started to stock basic products which has then benefited the cereals market, with an increase in value of 28% in March. The major market player, ... Read more >>>

Nielsen figures for the last P8 period (July - August)

FMCG (fast moving consumer good) /FLS (fresh and self-service)FMCG/FLS sales confirmed their growth in mass retailing, with a 5.2% increase in value on P8, all networks combined. The trend is also positive in volume: +3.1%, which represents an increase of 0,4% in comparison with the last period (P7).Promotional turnoverPromotional activity in hypermarkets and supermarkets has since returned to ... Read more >>>

Carrefour confirms its leadership in organic products

In hypermarkets and supermarkets alike, the Carrefour group is more dynamic on the organic market than the market as a whole and is widening the gap with the challenger Leclerc.The efforts are paying off. Already well positioned on the organic market, Carrefour is reaping the benefits of its proactive approach in its Act for Food project. The group has more than 21% market share in hypermarkets and ... Read more >>>

Retailers market shares: E.Leclerc scores, Carrefour rises and Casino struggles.

Just before the new school year, Kantar publishes French food retailers' market shares for the last period 8 (13 July to 9 August): E.Leclerc continues to maintain a certain “social distancing” from its competitors with a gain of 0.7 points for the group, and a market share of 22.3%. The Mousquetaires group (Intermarché), with +0,5 point, is just behind in terms of growth and is ... Read more >>>

Iced tea, still dynamic!

The iced tea market is doing well with a sales turnover increase of +1.5% in April 2020, but suffering from a slowdown if we compare to last year at the same period (+17.5%). The Covid-19 crisis did not help either. However, the main players remain confident as iced teas are still a basic trend. Their market share within the soft drinks category has indeed doubled in 5 years: from 6% to 12,1% in 2019. ... Read more >>>

The reinforcement of responsible consumption

A recent survey conducted from March to June shows the impact of the Covid-19 on consumption trends. Overall, we note an acceleration of the trends showed at the beginning of the year, except for the vegetal segment:More organic The Covid-19 crisis has not slowed down the consumption of organic products, with 86% of French people who bought certified products between 13 March and 23 June. The ... Read more >>>

New ways of shopping: the no-channel experience

During the lockdown, e-commerce has experienced an impressive expansion, with the number of unique online shoppers who increased by 40% in the first quarter. With the lockdown behind us, the big challenge for retailers is now to keep and increase the loyalty of new customers who have tried this new purchasing and relationship channel. Thus, the boundaries between physical and digital commerce, already ... Read more >>>

New interest for loyalty programmes

A greater anticipation of purchases? A greater attention to prices and advantages of loyalty cards? A desire to start again to consume after the lockdown? Probably a little bit of all that. The Fidme mobile application, which gathers all your loyalties in one, and counts 4M members and 1.5M active users each month, has noticed some unusual data since May 11, end of the lockdown in France. Indeed, ... Read more >>>

Alcohol free beers: who are the consumers ?

According to a survey carried out by YouGov, alcohol-free beers consumers do consume alcohol (86%), are interested in sport (35%) and are men aged between 34 and 44 years (16%). These French people shop in hyper/supermarkets (33% at Leclerc, 29% at Lidl, 27% at Carrefour) but also in organic chains (12% at Biocoop and 7% at Bio c'Bon). During their shopping trip, 41% buy responsible products ... Read more >>>

The good progression of FMCG products in July

According to a recent note from Nielsen/LSA, the first week of school holiday in France gives positive signals, with a turnover increase for FMCG +Fresh food of 5,9%.E-commerce, who was by far the favourite channel for food shopping before and during the lockdown (10% of market share vs 5,7% last year) is still on top of the list with + 42,3% for Click & Drive and + 28,7% for Home Delivery.The ... Read more >>>

SIAL Paris 2020 is canceled

Because of the current sanitary crisis and consequent uncertainty, the Comexposium Group responsible for the organization of the food trade show, has announced the cancelation of SIAL Paris 2020 postponed from 15 to 19 October 2022. According to the organizers, maintaining such an international event in this period of pandemic was becoming more and more complicated in spite of the numerous initiatives ... Read more >>>

French consumers more cautious when planning food shopping

A French survey conducted by the smartphone application Shopmium has shown that hypermarkets and supermarkets stay the main spots for food shopping for  French consumers. But most importantly, news buying habits have appeared.  The French are indeed planning more and anticipate their food shopping more. The study shows that French households, as a result of the habit acquired during ... Read more >>>

Syrups, a category with a bright future

Although in decline, dilutable beverages and syrops can still benefit from the current trends of sugar reduction, less packaging and the search for more naturalness. The main players intend to use their best efforts to modernise the category and strengthen the presence of fruits.Despite a 3.1% drop in retail sales at the end of March 2020 compared to the previous year, (Nielsen), the category still ... Read more >>>

French organic market worth €12 billion in 2019

These results can be explained by strong consumer demand, thus stimulating production and sector structuring.The organic market continues to explode. The "Agence Bio » (French agency for the development & promotion of organizing products) has just published the impressive results for 2019: a turnover of 11.93 billion euros, up by 13.5%, or + €1.4 billion compared to 2018, with €11. ... Read more >>>

World’s products to conquer the French consumers

The good performance of the world's products during the lockdown has rekindled the ambitions of the main players in this high-potential market. In both grocery and fresh food, its growth depends on visibility, recruiting and reassuring new consumers. During the lockdown, the traditional flour and sugar have had to fight against noodles cups and soy sauce! + 65% for coconut milk, + 59% for exotic ... Read more >>>

Picard speeds up its omnichannel development

The acceleration of digital use, new customer experience needs and the need to set up a new form of relationships with your customers-basis, have convinced the frozen food distribution specialist, Picard, to develop its omnichannel system with the creation of a new site. To meet the growing consumer demand for digital, Picard, has decided to accelerate its multi-channel strategy. Already, in ... Read more >>>

Carrefour and Intermarché opt for the American technology Innit

Carrefour, Intermarché and Ocado (Monoprix plus) have chosen the American technology Innit, a shopping assistance tool that integrates directly into e-commerce sites or applications. The idea is to simplify label reading and above all to adapt to each consumer profile, a major difference with the current Nutri-Score.  Innit will be soon available on Carrefour and Intermarché ... Read more >>>

French Click and Drive stores at full speed!

French Click and Drive stores which have been supported by a sustained growth for several years, nevertheless only accounted for 5.7% of FMCG sales in 2019, according to Kantar Wolrdpanel. But during the first month of lockdown, Click and Drives stores ( calls « drives » in France) have benefited from an increase in sales of +80% according to Nielsen, with 1,2M households including ... Read more >>>

Shopping malls traffic is recovering

Shopping malls traffic, even if not at its last year's level, is gradually recovering. Cafés and restaurants reopening on June 15 has helped to increase traffic in the city centres and in the biggest shopping malls.Indeed, there is a strong correlation in France between shopping areas and the possibilities to « eat on the spot », as consumers are more likely to stay longer ... Read more >>>

Findus goes green

The famous brand dedicated to frozen foods has just launched a complete range of vegetable protein-based products,  under the Green Cuisine banner. An initiative that Findus justifies by the increasing development of flexitarism. In France the pourcentage of French people claiming to be flexitarian has jumped by 10 points in less than 5 years, from 25% in 2015 to 35% at the end of last year. ... Read more >>>

Auchan will offer chickens fed with insects

From today, Auchan Retail France will offer free range chickens whose feed has been enriched with insect oil.  By removing the imported soya oil traditionally used in poultry feed, the product launched by Auchan Retail has a reduced environmental impact as the used insect oil has a 80% lower carbon impact than soya oil.For his new launch, Auchan has concluded a partnership with InnovaFeed, a ... Read more >>>

More organic consumers during the lockdown.

During the lockdown, around 70% of the French people have bought organic products, which represent a customer increase of 8%. The hypermarkets still remain the favorite canal (57% of the buyers) but direct sales are also knowing a real increase (22%). After the lockdown, 9 people out of 10 will continue to buy organic products as they estimate organic products are good quality (57%) and good for their ... Read more >>>

The recovery of shopping malls accelerates in "week 4"

According to the press release from the National Council of Shopping Centers (CNCC) referring to the national index of its partner Quantaflow "for the fourth week of reopening after the end of the lockdown, shopping centers have recorded a 79% attendance rate compared to the same period last year, an increase of almost 10% compared to the third week". Towards a return to « normality » ... Read more >>>

French people want to go out and enjoy life!

Since Tuesday, French restaurants, cafés and bars have been authorised to re-open.According to a survey led by Serig/OpinionWay just before the release of the lockdown, 84% of French people want to go out and spend time in restaurants, bars and cafés as soon as possible. For many of them it is a way to support an industry which has suffered a lot in the past three months. In addition ... Read more >>>

The release of the lockdown to be festive, according to Nielsen

According to Nielsen, the first week after the release of the lockdown in France gives us the first hints on what future could be in terms of consumption. Indeed, French consumers have spent more money on food shopping, +9% in sales compared to the same period last year. As observed during the lockdown, sales of savory frozen foods and grocery, fresh products and cooking and baking ingredients ... Read more >>>

New ways of doing food shopping…

Monoprix Plus has been officially « opened » on May 19th, a week after France decided to ease the lockdown. This new service offered by the most urban of the French retailers offers not only a home delivery service or click and collect, but above all on a fully automated order preparation.Once the order has been placed by the customer, small robots equipped with the Ocado ... Read more >>>

Covid-19: who are the winners ?

The online grocery shops:No fewer than 7.4 million households have bought a grocery product online at least once a month. The most purchased products were alcohol, which doubled over the period (versus -6% drop in physical stores). Seduced by the practicality that e-commerce offers,  many French consumers will continue buying online after the crisis.The supermarkets:While hypermarkets have really ... Read more >>>

The come back of frozen salty foods

In decline for years (-1% over 9 years), the frozen savoury food market in SM & HM has fully benefited from the lockdown period: +27% from mid-february to mid-april. A phenomenon which can be explained by different factors due to the Covid-19 crisis: the reduction in the frequency of in-store shopping, larger baskets and storage effects. Consumption habits that may well continue given the ... Read more >>>

Soft drinks, less but better

With a turnover of €458M (+1,9%) in 2019, the soft drinks market remains very dynamic and innovative. Indeed, main market players have to always innovate to be in line with customer new expectations, who are asking more and more for less sugar. Pepsico, Orangina Suntory France, Coca-cola are all surfing on the wave. Orangina Suntory France aims to reduce by 25% the carbohydrate content ... Read more >>>

Which points of difference for organic baby food?

Organic infant nutrition is becoming more and more popular in France. For the majority of French consumers, organic label is very often associated with healthy products. Producers then need to enhance their offer in order to gain market share.However, having the organic certification is no longer enough. Brands need to find new points of difference such as animal welfare, impact on the environment ... Read more >>>

The NOLO is gaining ground in France.

The NOLO - literally No and Low Alcohol -  trend is gaining ground in France. Born in the UK in 2013 at the same time as the « Dry January », this trend is becoming more and more popular in France, especially because it answers a growing demand: what to drink when we tend to drink less or no alcohol at all?In 2018, French people over 15 have consumed 11,55L. It was 13,9L ... Read more >>>
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