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More than one organic store in ten in the hands of supermarket groups

The number of stores specialising in organic products has increased by a factor of 2.5 since 2010. A dynamic to which the "classic" supermarket groups contribute, now accounting for more than 10% of the fleet. In January 2010, there were only 748 organic specialty stores in France. Since then, the fleet has followed an exponential curve to reach 1850 points of sale in 2019. On average, over the past ... Read more >>>

Successful launch for Biocoop ADN

End of May, a few steps from the Nation metro station in Paris, Thibaud Ronfard inaugurated the very first anti-waste outlet of the Biocoop network. Or a store whose offer was almost exclusively made up of products in bulk or presented in reusable containers.Four months after its launch, Biocoop ADN, for Anti-Déchets Nation, is a great success. "The welcome is very positive and the attendance ... Read more >>>

The latest report from IRI GIRA Food service confirms the recovery of the out-of-home consumer market

According to the latest report by IRI GIRA Foodservice, out-of-home consumption in France was estimated to have reached nearly 87 billion euros in 2018. In terms of retail, nearly 76 billion are concentrated in the out-of-home catering sector (commercial and collective groupings) and the remaining 11 billion are spread over impulse circuits (the latter grouping bakeries, Viennese pastries, pastry ... Read more >>>

Franprix is testing a new version of its Darwin concept

This is Franprix's new laboratory! The Casino group's urban brand presented the 2019 version of its Darwin concept on rue de Réaumur in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. This 600 m² point of sale offers an enhanced catering offer. In addition to the traditional chicken legs - potatoes, pizzas, nuggets, fries, etc. are now being added. A counter called Esprit Frais, developed by Fleury Michon, ... Read more >>>


Franprix Darwin is evolving with a richer hot snacking offer and an optimization of its bulk department. The brand is also in the spirit of the times on the non-al with corners signed Cdiscount, Hema and the Parisian Drugstore. Greener bulk, more hot snacking and non-food entrusted to trendy brands. These are three major and promising aspects of Franprix Darwin's new version unveiled on Friday, September ... Read more >>>


Who is the consumer today? This is the question answered by Paris Retail Week, a few days before the opening of the show, on 24, 25 and 26 September in Paris. According to a study published in advance of this event, the consumer 2.0 leads the business and makes it evolve, it leads brands and retail chains to think about new models in order to meet increasingly stringent requirements. What are his ... Read more >>>

Paris is once again becoming the retail capital of the world

New York, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Seoul... It is in these cities that the major international brands and the most beautiful brands are crowding in to set up stores, boutiques and other places of experience, as we say today. These boxes are intended to strike the minds, to enhance their claws and also obviously to sell, a lot, in consumer basins that are both very dense and especially very ... Read more >>>

Charal resists

The meat segment, the historical pillar of the frozen department, is affected by changes in consumer behaviour. While the category continued to recover very slightly (around +1% year-to-date at the end of May*), its volumes declined by -1.8% over the same period. Admittedly, with a market share of more than 16%, meat remains a sure value in salted frozen food, but the French are clearly reducing their ... Read more >>>

Young parents are particularly attentive to their babies' nutrition.

As we know, new food practices are developing in French households: the rise of organic farming, flexitarism , the development of plants... A trend that, while affecting adults, is also beginning to appear on the plates of toddlers. Thus, according to a study by the Institut des Mamans (IDM families) conducted last June among a sample of 300 parents of children under 3 years of age, 12% of babies ... Read more >>>

Lidl again recorded the strongest increase in market share

Lidl again recorded the strongest increase in market share at +0.5 points for the period from June 10 to July 7, according to the Kantar publication. Independent retailers such as Intermarché, Leclerc and Système U are also maintaining a positive trend. Where will Lidl stop? According to Kantar, the German brand continued to grow over the period from June 10 to July 7, 2019 with a further ... Read more >>>

French poultry is on the rise

French poultry volumes fell by -0.3% but, at the same time, thanks to quality, turnover increased by +1.3%," reports "LSA" of 02/05/19. Contrary to what one might think, France only imports 0.3% of its chicken consumption from Brazil and a total of 1.1% from outside the European Union, according to "Le journal du Dimanche" of 12/05/19. 40.9% of the poultry consumed in France comes from the European ... Read more >>>

The French thirst for Irish beer is up

It looks like the French have developed a taste for Irish beer as the value of exports to the country nearly doubled last year – though total overseas sales decreased. The latest beer market report from the Irish Brewers Association (IBA) showed that the value of exports to France increased from €19 million in 2017 to €32 million in 2018. IBA head Jonathan McDade told Fora ... Read more >>>

Leclerc goes for 100% organic baby products

Leclerc has decided to switch all its organic baby food offer to its own brands for children from 3 months to 4 years old and to abolish the conventional one. The range, manufactured in France, will be composed of 80 references by the end of the year under Bio Village Bébé. The products, developed with suppliers specialized in baby nutrition, have specific compositions. For example, ... Read more >>>

Market share: Lidl leads the race in the last period

According to Kantar's publication for the period from May 13 to June 6, 2019, Lidl recorded the strongest increase in market share at +0.5 points. The independent brands such as Système U, Leclerc and Intermarché are also well positioned.Lidl continues to move forward. According to Kantar for the period from 13 May to 6 June 2019, the German channel jumped in France by +0.5 percentage ... Read more >>>

A million homes conquered in 5 years

According to the latest Kantar Worldpanel study, 79.4% of households bought beer in 2018 compared to 77.1% in 2013. Thus, the beer has conquered a million homes in 5 years.While "sports events and good weather have contributed to this renewal," the panelist says the category has also reinvented itself to attract new targets such as young people and women. Read more >>>

ORGANIC FOOD SAFARI - 21-22 Oct 2019

Sutralis, Food&Feed Expert, organises a 2-day Food Safari in Paris to discover new food concepts and latest innovations in the organic segment.On day 1, Sutralis will guide you through the major new concepts stores in Paris while focusing on the organic offer.On day 2, Sutralis will take you for a guided tour to visit NATEXPO, the international trade show for organic products.These two days will ... Read more >>>

The favourite drinks of the French at the aperitif

If wine reaches the greatest number of people, whisky is the type of aperitif with the largest reservoir of exclusive fans. For more than one on ten French people (11%), it is the drink they have most often consumed before a meal in the last six months. On this criterion, whiskies, scotches and bourbons therefore do much better than white, champagne or the main category of natural sweet wines, liqueur ... Read more >>>

Plastic reduction

Carrefour, Système U, Veolia and the main private label suppliers are joining forces to find innovations to reduce single-use plastic in packaging. The newly created company, (RE)SET, a specialist in innovation in circular economy, provides its collaborative methodology to identify and develop solutions. The program is part of the commitment of the "National Pact on Plastic Packaging", signed ... Read more >>>

Pictures of Carrefour's first restaurant, Bon Appétit

Carrefour s’essaie à la restauration avec un nouveau concept dédié, baptisé Bon Appétit. Au menu : des produits frais, des prix accessibles… et la volonté de s’ancrer un peu plus dans les commerces de proximité avec une offre adaptée aux urbains.Le premier restaurant de Carrefour a ouvert ses portes ce mercredi 12 juin au 77 ... Read more >>>

The Hypermarkets have to re-invent themselves

For several weeks, bad news has been coming from the supermarket sector, in a context, according to Carrefour, of "the necessary transformation of the hypermarket model". A clear statement for a brand that started the first store in this format in 1963, in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois (Essonne).This supposed "crisis", Michel-Edouard Leclerc, the boss of the E. Leclerc centres, sweeps it away in ... Read more >>>

Snacking 2019 Congress, the trends in 20 key figures to be at the TOP!

62.9% - This is the market share (PDM) of fast food in France at the end of 2018Not surprisingly, and for the past decade, fast food has been the only contributor to the growth in the number of visits to France and largely dominates the field of commercial catering - The NPD Group+ more than 65% - of 18/34 year olds are willing to pay more for their burgersBetter bread, better sauce, better protein, ... Read more >>>

Two surveys underline the risk on the health of the ultra processed food

The abuse of "ultra-processed" industrial dishes would increase cardiovascular risk and deaths, according to two new European studies, which do not, however, show a direct link.Increased risk of obesity, high blood pressure and even cancer. Two new studies published on Thursday highlight the risks associated with the abuse of "ultra-processed" industrial dishes, i.e. those that have undergone industrial ... Read more >>>

Hypermarket : what future?

The hypermarket model, born with mass consumption, the reign of the car and the predominance of the traditional family, seems out of the question these days: is it really at the end of its life or at the dawn of a profound revolution? For several weeks, bad news has been coming from the supermarket sector, in a context, according to Carrefour, of "the necessary transformation of the hypermarket model". ... Read more >>>

Carrefour tests major brands without packaging

On May 14, Carrefour will host a new e-commerce site called Loop. An initiative launched by a handful of multinational businesses, which are testing a returnable packaging proposal to reduce waste production. And increase the selling prices. The manufacturers, all co-founders of the project, thus offer some of their products in reusable packaging after cleaning. Milka biscuits are sold in a pretty ... Read more >>>

Fair trade is approaching €1.3 billion in 2018

Thanks to a 22% growth, fair trade achieves a turnover of nearly €1.276 billion at the end of 2018. Sales of fair trade products made in France (+34%) now account for 34% of the total, compared to 66% for international products (+17%). The average annual basket has tripled in 6 years to reach 19 euros, as underlines Fair Trade France in a press release published on the occasion of the 19th edition ... Read more >>>

The pioneers of organic food do not give up

To stand out from the mass retail sector, they have started sorting out their suppliers and want to enhance their brands. The pioneering distributors of organic products are fighting back. They won't let themselves be attacked by supermarket chains without doing anything. These giants are redoubling their efforts for this market of environmentally friendly products. In 2018, major retailers generated ... Read more >>>

Snacks must be healthy, "original" and nomadic!

With more than 85% of Millenials admitting to snacking at least four days a week, these nomadic consumers (between 22 and 37 years old) now eat all day long and are looking for new forms of snacking.Generation Y practices this diet to satisfy their hunger, quickly and easily, while looking for healthy and original snacks to alternate these snacking experiences.They are looking for tasty, nutritious ... Read more >>>

Record year for ice cream in 2018

In 2018, the ice cream category experienced the strongest growth in mass distribution, up to 2.5 times more than fresh products category. With sales value up 8.4% to €1.2 billion and volumes up 6.3% (237.8 million litres), the ice cream category has innovated with 58 products, generating a sales revenue of €74.7 million. Thanks to a very mild weather, 80.7% of ice cream sales were generated ... Read more >>>

Biocoop’s projects for 2019

2018 was a great year for Biocoop - distribution leader specialised in organic products – with a turnover up +11% reaching 1.2 billion euros. 2019 will be about new outlets formats and expanding its network. After testing single-offer stores (such as a Biocoop Bakery), Biocoop will unveil a butler store. “This project shows our plans to diversify” says Gilles Baucher, Network ... Read more >>>

Naturalia Marché Bio: the latest Naturalia’s store

The latest Naturalia’s concept store will open its doors on 19th April 2019 over 1000sqm: Naturalia Marché Bio. The outlet located in a suburb area has been designed like a market place. At the centre of the store, you will find the bakery, cheese dairy and butcher, but also 400 loose and local products. “Fresh traditional products and self-service will represent 50% of the ... Read more >>>

The Halles Forum in Paris fights against food waste with “Too Good To Go”

Too Good To Go is an app created in 2015 which prevents unsold products from being binned. Thanks to geo-tracking, consumers can find shopkeepers in their area, order their “surprise basket” and collect it straight at the shop at the indicated times. The app works in restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores and supermarkets. Not only it is great for the planet, but consumers also benefit ... Read more >>>

The development of plant proteins: Europe will provide €200m

To support the development of the plant proteins’ market the European Commission announced a budget of €200m for 2019 to co-fund promotional programmes. Indeed, the plant proteins’ market is booming. In 2017, a third of consumers called themselves flexitarians according to Kantar Worldpanel. And more and more manufacturers are innovating on this sector with the launch of products ... Read more >>>

Eat better

Additive free, colourant free, preservative free and no artificial flavour, Intermarché’s new ready meals « l’Essentiel » are made in France, and they contain good products and… that’s it!  Launched 3 years ago, « l’Essentiel » is now growing to answer to the expectations of those who wish to always eat healthier, the least processed ... Read more >>>

Organic products put their stamp on the petfood sector

“Petfood is like babyfood: people are ready to tighten their belts to offer the best food to their cats or dogs, while they would not do the same for themselves” says Yarrah’s Business Manager Yves Morliere. And data comfort this observation: with €1.88 bn turnover (and up to €3.7bn when taking into account specialised networks, vets and e-commerce sites) dogs and cats ... Read more >>>

2018: a bumpy year for the food-service industry

According to the NPD Group’s assessment, the food-service industry saw its turnover going up by +1% in value, with €56.1bn euros spent in 2018. If the sector’s growth is less than in 2017 (+1.8% in value), it remains equivalent to 2016. The attendance to out-of-home consumption places went up by +0.6% with the average ticket up by +0.4% for a value of €5.60. Fast-food restaurants ... Read more >>>

Brands: the victims and beneficiaries following the increase of +10% on the Threshold of sales loss

Between 28th of January and 2nd March, the average prices for 25 products of the big brands went up +3.8% across the 4825 click-&-collect stores which have been reviewed by the Éditions Dauvers, Linéaires and in partnership with A3 Distrib. However the impact is inconsistent across the distributors. Indeed, by legally forcing the “discount” stores to increase their prices, ... Read more >>>

Leclerc Relais & its multiple openings: Tours, Montpellier, Toulon and Paris

Following its first pedestrian click-and-collect store in Paris in January – the E.Leclerc Relais – the distributor will inaugurate its second outlet on the 20th of March in Paris.  If E.Leclerc’s objective is to gain a foothold on the Parisian market (the plan is to have 80 E.Leclerc Relais stores in Paris city-centre within 4 years), the group’s adherents from ... Read more >>>

The challenges that face L’Eau Vive for its 40th Birthday

Founded in 1979, L’Eau Vive is specialised in the distribution of organic products and now has 71 stores (of which 41 franchises) for a turnover of €124m in 2018 (+180% vs 2013). For its 40th Birthday, the brand is launching itself new challenges. 5 new stores will open, with a plan to launch 6 to 7 stores a year, of which a third being incorporated with the ambition to reach 100 ... Read more >>>

Frozen foods and ice-creams “Flavours of the year 2019”

With the 22nd edition of the Flavours of the year, Monadia reveals the winners who will display the quality label for 2019. Producers, importers or manufacturers enter their products in the competition which follows a blind-test. Monadia uses mainly social media to boost the attractiveness of the reward. “Our Facebook MySaveur had 5million contacts in 2018 and our Youtube channel has 6 ... Read more >>>

Carrefour upgrades its saving forecast

Alexandre Bompard presented the group’s annual results last week and said he was satisfied as 2018 was “a key turning point in the transformation agenda of Carrefour 2022”. Carrefour turnover grew to reach €85.1 bn, and in France its turnover grew +0.3%. In this context, Carrefour will boost the expansion of local outlets: 2,000 local stores were to be open by 2022, the objective ... Read more >>>

Brands’ new pricing

The Observatory A3 Distrib, Ed. Dauvers and Lineaires have now focused on pricing of national brands in click-and-collect stores. The impact of the threshold of sales loss has reached its goal: the gap in pricing between brands is narrowing. Between the increase by 10% of the threshold of sales loss implemented from 1st February and the implementation of a cap on store promotion, new regulations are ... Read more >>>

The Label “Nil pesticide residues” is working its way through in France

A year after its launch, the collective “Nouveaux Champs” now includes 52 members. They represent around 10% of the global French fruits & vegetables production. In 2018, the “Nil pesticide residues”’ production applied to potentially 30 000 tons of products. However, after a strict analysis, only 10 000 tons have been certified under this label. Tomatoes, cucumbers ... Read more >>>

13 distributors and manufacturers sign a National Pact on plastic packaging

Amongst others, Auchan Retail France, Carrefour, Casino, Coca-Cola European Partners, Danone, Franprix, Monoprix, Nestlé France, Système-U, Unilever and WWF France have signed a National Pact on plastic packaging, as such joining the “Plastics Pact” network created by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. All the signatories agree on a joint vision of the circular economy in ... Read more >>>

Distributors specialised in organic products are doing well

Even if they remain behind Biocoop, Les Comptoirs de la Bio and La Vie Claire are developing fast, with a respective growth of +9% and +12% in 2018. Thanks to the Mousquetaires taking an equity stake, Les Comptoirs de la Bio now have a network of 150 stores in France (with 8 additional stores in Belgium and 1 in La Reunion) for a turnover of €360m including tax. La Vie Claire’s sales ... Read more >>>

Consumption, a key parenting aspect when it comes to education

The label Approved by families (Approuvé par les Familles) surveyed the “cocoon families” for the new edition of its annual family barometer. The “cocoon families”, which give priorities to spending time together with their kids, represent about 72% of the French families. For 83% of these families, the priority given to educational fulfilment influences their choice ... Read more >>>

How Carrefour is compensating (part of) the rise due to the new Food regulation

With the new food regulation, there is an increase of +10% on the threshold of sales loss on food products, and a threshold of 34% on discounts. According to Nielsen, 87% of the French people have not heard about this new regulation, but 33% of them are expecting an increase in price on products. In this context, brands are adopting new strategies. Carrefour will offer vouchers of a few cents to €1. ... Read more >>>

Observatory on the threshold of sales loss on food and drinks

The Observatory A3 Distrib, Editions Dauvers and Lineaires have carried out a study following the coming into force of the new French regulation on the 10% threshold of sales loss on food & drinks. Leclerc is by far the most impacted distributor by this new regulation, with an average basket price increase of +5.1%, compared to Géant Casino +4.6% and Intermarché +4.4%. Leclerc is ... Read more >>>

Generations “Z”: tricky business for the brands

They are between 3-21 years old and represent a third of the global population. While they are concerned about animal welfare and sustainable development, they have distinguishing and contradictory characteristics such as following trends while reaffirming their uniqueness. According to the study OC&C, the generation Z are similar in their purchasing behaviours. The average difference is of ... Read more >>>

3% growth in compound feed in 2018

According to data from the Alltech Global Feed Survey released at the end of January 2019, International feed tonnage has increased by a strong 3% to 1.103 billion metric tons of feed produced in 2018, exceeding 1 billion metric tons for the third consecutive year. The feed is produced in fewer feed mills, meaning that the feed mills become bigger (and smaller in total number) each year. The top ... Read more >>>

Kantar Worldpanel releases the winners and losers of the supermarket distribution for 2018

Auchan has gone slightly down -0.2% now representing 10.3% market shares Carrefour has been impacted by a slowdown of its hypermarkets and Carrefour markets, now representing 20.2% market shares, a decline of -0.2%. Casino represents 11.4% market shares, a decline of -0.1%, partly due to its brand Leader Price that lost 500 000 clients in 2018 E.Leclerc also goes down -0.1%, representing ... Read more >>>

Food regulations: products prices to go drastically up

One measure of the food regulations will come into force on 1st February: there will be an increase of +10% on the threshold of sales loss on food products, which will translate into an increase of the reference prices for the big brands. Indeed, so far 20% of distributors’ turnover was made with less than 10% margin. With this new measure, the price increase at Carrefour will be in average ... Read more >>>

Carrefour’s tricks to optimise its logistics

Artificial intelligence, just-in-times, direct deliveries: Carrefour is changing its logistics and implements its action plan “Opti Supply”. Logistics is at the heart of the transformation plan “Carrefour 2022” launched by Alexandre Bompard in 2018. According to Lineaires’ information, logistics costs for Carrefour France strongly increased over the last years, going ... Read more >>>

Market shares: hard times for the brands at the end of 2018

Kantar Worldpanel released the results of the brands for the last period of 2018 (P13) from 26th November to 23rd December: a period witnessing the start of the yellow vests’ protest. Carrefour has registered the strongest loss since October, going down to 20% market shares (-0.4 point in November and again -0.4 point in December). Casino and Auchan also see their market shares declining by ... Read more >>>

Trade negotiations: organic products under pressure

Organic products are at the heart of the brands ‘strategy in supermarket distribution. In 2018, the organic turnover in Hyper and Supermarkets was of €4.5bn euros. Leclerc plans to double its turnover in this segment by 2022 and Carrefour plans to multiply it by 4. However, according to Synabio (the observatory for trade negotiations), there is more and more pressure put on suppliers. ... Read more >>>

The vegan and vegetarian market increased by +24% in 2018

Sales of vegetarian and vegan products in Hypermarkets and supermarkets generated a turnover of €380m last year, representing a growth of +24% according to data from the Institute Xerfi. This amount is similar to the one for gluten-free products, but is ten times lower than sales of organic products. For the period 2019-2021, the Institute forecasts an annual growth of +17% of the vegan and ... Read more >>>

Desserts get up-to-speed

Ultra-fresh products are recovering, at least from a turnover’s point of view: +0.4% in a year, even +2.6% in June 2018. However, volumes are decreasing -1.8%. Desserts are not doing too well either, -2.1%. Organic desserts represent 16% of ultra-fresh products’ turnover (+26%). The brands Les 2 Vaches (44% of the sales), private labels (25%) and Vrai (15%) are sharing most of the cake. ... Read more >>>

Grand Frais, the favourite brand of the French

Every year since 2010, the Institute OC&C measures the popularity of the main French distribution brands by surveyeing thousands of clients. Grand Frais appeared in the ranking for the 1st time in 2015, at the 8th place. This year, the distributor is leading the ranking. Picard, used to be well placed, is 4th. With Biocoop 6th and Leclerc 8th, they close the march of food distribution representatives ... Read more >>>

Italian cheeses keep performing

Italian cheeses are doing well at the self-service counters. The Mozzarella represents 46% of Italian cheese turnover, +9.2% in one year. 42% of its volumes are sold between September and April, outside of season. Organic mozzarella, while it represents only 5% of its turnover increased by + 43%. Organic cheese actually represent 4.8% turnover of fresh Italian cheese and go up by 34.6%. While the ... Read more >>>

Almost a third of flexitarians

A study carried out by OpinionWay and 3W.relevanC (a subsidiary of the Casino group) shows that veganism (people not consuming any products derived from animals or their exploitation) is very marginal, representing around 1% of the population. The study estimates to 28% French who diminish their consumption of fish and meat. This proportion has increased by +5 points in a year. “This increase ... Read more >>>

Changing times for desserts

Desserts’aisles in grocery stores  reflect the changes in consumption habits.They represent €1.15bn and have progressed by 0.7%. The turnover of the dessert category has grown by +45% in a decade in Hypermarkets and Supermarkets. Compote purées are the best performer (+€185M), with sales almost doubling in 10 years. Ingredients for baking and pastries have been the 2nd ... Read more >>>

3 trends for 2019 analysed by Mintel

Mintel reviews the three main global trends that will influence the food & drink sector in 2019. They will have an impact on packaging, as well as on marketing and associated services. 1/ Green and fair consumption: sustainable development will be important on the whole life cycle of the product. There shall be a number of product launches taking into account plastic-free packaging, products ... Read more >>>

Young working urbanised generation : precursors of new trends

Young graduated working people under 35, living in areas of over 100 000 inhabitants and working in jobs in the virtual economy are perceived as a particular fringe of the millennials generation. According to a study carried out by OBSOCO between June and December 2018, they are seen as precursors of emerging trends. The weight of their consumption of services and the importance of digital in their ... Read more >>>

Carrefour & its incredible bet with its concept City La Halle

Carrefour has redesigned its store on the 86 avenue of Clichy in Paris, to give birth to a new concept called “La Halle”. Over 371sqm, the range of fruits and vegs has been multiplied by two compared to the previous store, and a large stand is dedicated to traditional products (fish counter, charcuterie and deli, and cheese counter). With regard to catering, there is a space with 20 seats ... Read more >>>

Monoprix makes new commitments on animal welfare

In view of the international day for animal welfare, Monoprix is taking new commitments towards poultry. For its private labels, Monoprix will offer chickens that have benefited of good farming conditions (56 days of animal growth compared to 39 before and antibiotics-free). In parallel, Monoprix will automatically offer organic chicken in its rotisseries, for a cost of €12.90. It will be guaranteed ... Read more >>>

The French Government will finally publish the ordinance on prices

The ordinance on the threshold for reselling at a loss and discounts measures will be presented to the French Cabinet ministers. They should be implemented from 1st of February 2019. Initially, the increase of the threshold for reselling at a loss (+10%) will be compulsory from 1st February. Regard the measures to applying for discounts; they will take place in two stages. From 1st January 2019, ... Read more >>>

Meat-market : who are the French consumers ?

According to a survey from IFOP, the share of consumers eating meat very often has gone down by 7 points in 3 years. On the plus side, the share of consumers eating meat often (several times a week) has gone up by +2 points in 3 years. Only 11% of the people surveyed say they eat meat two to three times a month or less. While the proportion of men tend to eat more meat than women (97% vs 94%), ... Read more >>>

How Carrefour Bio is promoting itself as specialist retailer

Carrefour has reviewed entirely the positioning of its local store Carrefour Bio, which has been struggling to grow (20 stores in 5 years). With the opening of its new outlet in Asnières, we can see what the distributor wants to achieve. The store will spread over 230sqm and offers over 400 products. The average basket should be of €25 euros. The purpose of Carrefour Bio is to enable the ... Read more >>>

Ready meals grow in transparency

The turnover of single portion’s ready-meals has progressed by +2.4% over the last 12 months. If we include vegetable recipes it goes up to 5.3%. Around 60.3% of French households buy them regularly and visit the outlet’ section in average 7.1 times a year. However, with consumers being suspicious with regard to ultra-processed products, ready-meals manufacturers can be concerned. Brands ... Read more >>>

Pastries are shining

The pastry market in hyper & supermarkets is doing well according to Kantar Worldpanel, representing over 550m euros. Its growth is of +4.7% in volume and even +5.5% in value. Thanks to cooking TV shows, cooking books and blogs, the pastry market benefits from positive coverage. While supermarkets may not be the natural place to buy pastries from in France, pastries shelves are flourishing and ... Read more >>>

Food discovery: “The Adventurous Consumer” tipped as top trend for 2019 by Innova Market Insights

Innova Market Insights releases its top 10 trends for 2019. Here are the leading top 3: #1: Discovery of new food: +35% growth in new food & beverage launches with a discovery claim and +17% CAGR of new food & beverage launches with ethnic flavors – consumers are getting more and more adventurous with food, due in part to travelling abroad more often #2 The Plant Kingdom: consumers ... Read more >>>

Auchan France’s restructuration by 113 « life zones »

Auchan’s structuration by format (hypermarkets, supermarkets…) will be changed to address clients’ needs. 113 “life zones” have been defined (and the number will evolve), each gathering what Auchan now calls contact points, which cover both stores and digital sites. “Each life zone will have its own business plan addressing clients’ particular needs locally” ... Read more >>>

Dietetic nutrition: challenges ahead

Dietetic products represent a turnover of €421M, declining -1.6% in a year. The decline of slimming products (-15%) – which are amongst the most expensive products of the dietetic nutrition sector – increases the loss in value. In addition, dietary supplements see their sales decline by -12% in a year, which has a strong impact too as they represent half of the turnover’s sector. ... Read more >>>

The « Yellow reflective jackets » movement: its economic impact is worrying

While they are less people taking part, the hard liners are strengthening their position and distribution warehouses are getting blocked. Retail trade associations are worried. “There have already been great losses, which have not been compensated by anticipated shopping. Last Saturday, several stores were shut, and since then the situation is not back to normal, far from it” says Jacques ... Read more >>>

How will Brexit impact on animal feed?

Siobhan Walsh, 27th October 2018 A ‘no-deal’ Brexit would be “an immense political failure on both sides of the equation” says Prof. Michael Wallace at the R&H Hall Conference. Compound feed used in the Republic of Ireland increased by approximately 3.4% per annum from 2008 to 2017. On this basis, five million tonnes of compound feed would be used this year in the ... Read more >>>

Match has turned the corner

Following a difficult period, when Match had to close a third of its network and accumulated a loss of €100M, Match registers a positive growth for the 3rd year running. Its turnover is now stable, representing €1.05bn in 2017. One of the key aspect when turning around the company was to clarify the project of the company: providing healthy fresh food is at the core of the company known ... Read more >>>

Food industry: consumers want more transparency

Ahead of the SIAL, Kantar TNS released a study carried out across 14 countries. “9/10 consumers want more transparency” says Pascale Grelot-Girard, Director at Kantar TNS. They are after “authentic, healthy and safe products”. Three quarter of them also look for “free-from” products: GMO-free, sugar-free, and so on. The same applies for snacking, a booming segment. ... Read more >>>

The future of Food&Bev at SIAL 2018 Paris - 10 things I’m learning

SIAL Paris 2018 gathered over 160.000 visitors and 7.000 exhibitors. Here are the top 3 key learnings from Kris Michiels Marketing Director & BU lead Refreshment Belux (beverages & ice cream) at Unilever: 1/ Proteins: By 2050, there will be 10 billion people to feed. It is expected that the protein demand will go up by 48%. Beans and peas are a good source of protein [well represented at ... Read more >>>

O’ Marché frais: a new popular brand for Casino

After a first test started a year ago, Casino is working with Quattrucci’s network offering massive discounts on fresh products which is an ideal concept for popular suburb areas.   On 1st January 2019, 12 hyper and supermarkets O’Marche frais will get their FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) supplies from Casino warehouses, 7 will be under the brand Marché Frais Géant ... Read more >>>

Intermarché reinvents itself and go after the city centres

Thierry Cotillard, president of ITM Alimentaire says “city centres and digital technologies are growing markets in our sector. Not to take them into account means getting ready to lose two billion euros by 5 to 6 years”. City centre food shopping represents around 14 billion euros worth of sales, of which half is made in Paris. By Spring 2019, Intermarché will open a new concept ... Read more >>>
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