Your food sales team in France


Our successful story with the healthy, gluten-free and vegan 9NINE brand started back in 2012 with their participation at SIAL Paris.

We organized meetings for them and got a strong lead with French retailer Carrefour there. A few months after, 9NINE (at the time “9BAR”) was listed in 50 Carrefour stores with our help. Fast forward to 2018 and we now have a history of several campaigns of instore tastings that improved the products’ visibility, a presence in more than 190 hypermarkets and 150 supermarkets and convenience stores of Carrefour and we even have a fully French Facebook page where we daily engage with 3’500 French fans of the mixed seeds bars (our most popular post is a biweekly game to win free products!).

In addition to Carrefour, 9NINE is now in 50 hypermarkets and 50 supermarkets of the retailer Casino since April 2017: to massively promote the products, we organized 20 tastings with vouchers and simultaneously had a “What is your more favorite flavor” game for two weeks on Casino’s online consumer platform “CVous”.
Latest big success to date, with the help of a partner dedicated to the sports market, we got 9NINE launched in Systeme U in November 2017.


Our team was mandated by BIC Innovation Wales to conduct a trade mission in Paris.

Our team was mandated by BIC Innovation Wales to conduct a trade mission in Paris. This trade development visit would offer Welsh food and drink producers the opportunity to explore the French market.
Before the mission, we organized a pre-event workshop to provide a comprehensive overview of the French food & drink market with an emphasis on trends and market opportunities to help BIC Innovation recruiting companies.
Once in Paris, we took the delegation for a store tour around Paris in hypermarkets, gourmet stores, and food service outlets to provide first-hand feedback on products ranges, competitor brands, and prices. Thanks to our strong network of contacts, we secured B2B meetings with retail buyers and distributors.

For Welsh producers, it was a unique opportunity to showcase their products to carefully selected buyers and distributors and clearly assess the commercial potential for their products.
This mission enabled to open the doors for business as some of the companies are now working with French distributors met during the mission.


We took part in the ACCESS 6 programme, an EU INTERREG IVA-funded programme delivered by the Irish Exporters Association (IEA), Northern Ireland Food & Drink (NIFDA) and Scotland Food & Drink (SFD), supporting 15 Irish & Scottish food and drink SMEs to develop business in 6 countries, including France.

As a sub-contractor of our Irish partner Bullseye Food Marketing, and French in-market partner, we provided marketing assistance and organised business meetings with potential prospects for the participating companies targeting the French market.   
As the majority of the participants were new exporters, we used our in-depth knowledge of the French food & drink market to adapt participants’ product offering: we were involved in the selection of product ranges, which will then meet French customers’ requirements. We also identified the most suitable distribution channel for each product giving the participants a fastest access to market.

The support provided helped client companies gain export sales that would never have been achieved without the programme, while each company gained a thorough understanding of the commitment required to achieve sales success when exporting to France.

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