Our Project Manager, Mathilde Imrie-Lengin will be attending the Retail Execution Forum taking place in Paris on 12 December.
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Franchise agreement between Toupargel and Monoprix
On the 8th of October, Toupargel and Monoprix have concluded a franchise agreement.
Signed by Jean-Paul Mochet, CEO of Monoprix, and Romain Tchénio, CEO of Toupargel, this agreement allows the integration of 1400 Monoprix fresh and grocery products in every Toupargel sales channel.

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Danone and Auchan France teamed up for a mutual sustainability initiative
Mid October, Danone and Auchan retail France have decided to create a campaign called #jesaisjagis (meaning “I’m aware, I act upon it”) to make their mutual sustainability goals more concrete to consumers, by giving them the opportunity to directly support farmers in having a better eco-friendly farming practices.

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La Maison Plisson, the famous grocery store has recently opened Petit Plisson
Petit Plisson is a perfect mix between a local coffee shop and a rural grocery said Delphine Plisson, the owner.
As La Maison Plisson, this new store will offer products of higher quality respecting seasons, customers’ health and producers’ know-how.

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In November…

Our Business Development manager, Nathalie Lopez-Granier was in Lille and Paris to meet with overseas partners from Flanders, New Zealand, Scotland and the Netherlands and discuss challenges SMEs have to face when exporting to France and how Sutralis could help to overcome those issues.

Our Feed Expert, Agathe Chaine, spent a week visiting customers in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium to promote natural solutions in the feed industry. Meetings with petfood, calves, poultry and swine nutritionists were organized for technical trainings on yeast-based solutions from our client ICC Brazil. These solutions help increase gut integrity and immunity of animals.
What’s on in December?
Our Project Manager, Mathilde Imrie-Lengin will be attending the Retail Execution Forum taking place in Paris on 12 December.

The Retail Execution Forum (R.E.F.) objective is to create a new community of manufacturers and distributors around challenges, perspectives and best practices in POS. This annual event, dedicated to the performance and operational excellence in POS will bring together brands, distributors and service providers to discuss, reflect, work and build the “retail of tomorrow”.

This year has been full of surprises some very good some a little bit less, lots of successes and a few challenges. But we like challenges, we need challenges, that’s what makes us grow as individuals, professionals and most of all as a team. Looking back, we realized that without a strong and united team we cannot achieve much…

That’s why we thought it is essential to give space to each member of our Sutralis gang and for you to learn a bit more about each one of us.
Nils Guerard
...What else?

Favorite dish: as long as there is cheese, I am a happy chap!

Hobbies: I can bore you to death…well…speak passionately and for hours about history and geography especially if my interlocutor is from another country than mine, I am naturally curious about other cultures and customs.

let's start with our new recruit
“I began being self-employed at the age of 20. I was giving health&safety and first-aid training to various companies. Thanks to this experience, I realised how much I like to teach people and help them improve their general knowledge.

I then worked for a fish trader based in Rouen, Normandy. That’s where I learned more about the out-of-home catering business as we were supplying fish mongers, restaurants and schools. And most of all, this first experience gave me the taste to work in the food industry.

I carried on working for the company TransGourmet, which is one of the main players of the Food Service industry in France. I learnt a lot about products and ingredients coming from France and abroad and how to use them in cooking. As a sales rep I was in direct contact with restaurants and cooks, which helps me to have a better understanding of the sourcing process.

Today I am part of the SUTRALIS Food&Feed Expert team as a Junior Project Manager. I am involved in feed development projects, which I found highly interesting as this sector has its own codes and players. Besides I’m also helping international food companies to come to our country and grow into that market which I found very rewarding”.
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